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Are you an event, charity or venue manager looking for entertainment, or an performer interested in joining?

Get in touch today!

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  • I am a performer and I'd love to be involved in the shows. How do I join?
    Fill out the contact us form, or send us a message over on instagram @rassputins.wet.posse if you'd like to sign up and we'll get the ball rolling!
  • I have no dance background, but I'd love to join. Can I?
    The Wet Posse prides itself on mixing burlesque with other performance types such as clowning, physical theatre and dad-dancing and we try to provide opportunities for anyone to learn to do what we do. Get in touch and let us know a bit about yourself!
  • I'd love to be involved in the future but can't commit to anything right now. Should I wait to join?
    Don't wait! Send us a message now as we have events planned throughout the year and one of these might suit your schedule better, but they may still need some time for you to know what to prepare or to join group rehearsals if you wish to.
  • I'm not a performer, but I have other skills that might be useful for the group. Can I join without being on stage?
    We'd love you to get in touch! Fill out the contact us form and let us know what you can do.
  • I run an event or venue and we'd like some performers, will you travel to do shows at our venue?
    Get in touch and we can convene the posse council to see if we have enough performers who are happy to travel. Some of us are quite happy to travel for the right opportunity, so it never hurts to ask!
  • I love your Posse performance style. Can you put together a show to fit our event's theme?
    With enough time to plan, that is certainly an option! Our performers have many different acts up their sleeves so we may be able to cater our acts accordingly to make a variety show around your theme. However, if we have time to plan and create new acts, for the right opportunity we may be able to craft a whole show around your theme. This may require a few months to a year of warning however, as we often have other shows in development behind the scenes. It is very important to us however that this only extends to theme, ie. Underwater, Elvis, Marilyn Munroe, Clowns, etc. We will not tailor our shows to any request for certain age/gender/race/body-type or ability levels.
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